Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings

Cupcakes are on the agenda as tomorrow is the man's birthday.  Given the weather it's a good day to bake and hopefully warm up the house a little too. 

The man has been having a rough time lately, since his favorite thing to do is lounge on couch watching tv I felt he deserved a weekend of just that. So we tried to make it a weekend of simply chilling out.  Though Saturday I had quite a lot to do, but Sunday I partook in his lounge day. 

We rented a movie in the morning and being March Madness is in full swing we watched basketball pretty much all day.  One out of the three Philly teams I mentioned the other day won. Felt disappointed over the other games as I felt they played hard.  But hey one is better than nothing! 

Tried a new recipe spinach stuffed chicken with bacon wrapped around it.  It will be posted soon.  Given the weather is still chilly here staying in and lounging felt nice. Though this cold weather is starting to linger a little too long as the winter blahs and lack of motivation are growing strong.

It's supposedly Spring but one would never know it here in the east. Hard to believe but it snowed. And while I long for sunny, warm weather there was still beauty to be found amongst the snow.

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