Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Musings

The day started off rather busy....started two paintings, did a little food shopping, filled up on gas, threw a few loads of laundry in, cooked some meals and so come afternoon I felt a less motivated.  That feeling of missing the weekend set in.

Our weekend consisted of a family party, Walmart, basketball games and a little wii.  The man is so competitive he actually keeps score on a piece a paper as we play.  I'm not as competitive play more for fun.  He on the other hand sometimes even resorts to trash talking. haha 

March Madness has begun.  We were happy Villanova, Temple and LaSalle all got in.  It's always fun when more than one Philadelphia schools gets in.  They have some tough games ahead of them so we are hoping for the best. Now comes the hard task of filling out the bracket.  Anyone have theirs completed yet?  A few years ago I actually won my bracket at work, have to admit it felt great beating all the men in the office. :)

For Saint Patrick's day we tried out a new homemade Irish stew. It was so good we decided it should be the official holiday food.  Though the dishes were overwhelming literally emptied the dish rack twice just to make room for more.  It's those kind of dish moments in which I miss having a dishwasher.  Anyway.....

As usual I wish the weekend could have been extended just never seems like enough time with the people we love.

Since we all have some Irish in us we were sporting the green.  Though just about every photo of me lately seems sans any makeup.  Not that I wear a lot to begin with but I prefer a little lip gloss and eyeliner to spice things up especially during the pale month of winter.  Did I mention it still feels like winter here?  Philadelphia is anything but Spring like yet, in fact as I write this it is sleeting! 

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  1. I absolutely love the pic of you all in your green!! So festive!

    When I was in South Carolina years ago for a friend's wedding, I went to a little Irish pub for dinner one night. They made a stew with the most incredible brown gravy I have ever had. I've been trying to recreate it ever since and have never quite got it just right... but I will keep trying for sure!!!


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