Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Musings

This Monday wish I could say we went on a wild African Safari, surfed monster waves in Hawaii or trekked the Himalayas but alas I would be lying.  Truth is, aside from a few errands, we pretty much spent the weekend on the couch.  But sometimes you just need those kinds of weekends to rejuvenate.

We rented a movie, watched some golf, zoned out to tv and of course ate some hearty home cooked meals. Funny before the man came into my world I watched little tv.  The man though is enthralled with tv, he has it on every minute he is home. Nothing like tv blaring in the background when trying to have a romantic evening. :)  But besides the tv....

Winter it's a little tough as when it's freezing outside it limits outdoor activities and the tendency to want to hibernate is stronger. Even our dog doesn't like to go outside in winter. Apart from skiing there just doesn't feel like as many activities in winter. I suppose there are bars but we outgrew that scene awhile ago, plus neither of us drink. I guess there is always the movies, theater, shopping or indoor sporting events but those things all add up to and we are trying real hard to live within a budget.

Finding fun things to do and keeping within in a budget isn't always easy.  The current flower show in Philly costs $27/per person (throw in food, transportation, etc., and it all adds up)  And traveling which we both would like to do more of costs even more and we can't always take little one.  We found this cool indoor golf computer simulation place but it costs $60/a hour and it takes about two hours to play a whole golf course on it.

At least summer there is golf, mini golf, beach, tubing, eating outside, gardening, the park, watching the stars, outdoor window shopping, outdoor festivals, garage sales, going out for ice cream or water ice, outdoor shopping, baseball games, outdoor yard games, picnics and so on.  Ah the list of warm weather fun activities seems endless compared to winter ones. I could literally sit on the beach all day and night! 

Honestly our little one is getting older, we love her so much and want her to spend as much time as we can with her so when she can't go somewhere it's hard to have to leave her at home.  I think that factors into a lot, as summer she can go a lot more places with us than winter.  So we hibernate snuggling at home with her.  But you know what those are the moments that mean the most!

I'm curious though as to what an average weekend is like for everyone else?  Whats your favorite way to spend a weekend?  And what is typical weekend like for you?

By the way, if staying in watching tv means more moments like these well that's perfectly fine with me. 

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