Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Meditation has always been something I would like to master, or at least reach the point where I feel the benefits.  As there are numerous studies touting all its positive benefits.  My issue has always been I tend to lose focus and have trouble sitting still.  But honestly that sounds like excuses, I know I just need to give more effort, have more patience and not rush the process of learning the art of meditation. 

So I created a room free of tv, filled with candles, soft lighting, plants and soothing colors.  While I am no expert at meditation just yet and have a hard time sitting still I thought creating a relaxing room free of distractions might help.  A place to focus not only on meditating but prayer.  Even a place to simply read.  Creating time has been an issue as well.  But I may have figured that out.

You see most mornings the first thing the man does upon waking is turn on the tv.  Since I am usually still sleeping it tends to be annoying.  But it's more than that, there is something about being woke up by a violent movie, crazy reality show or negative news first thing in the morning that can feel too overwhelming or stressful.  While I do like to tune into the news to be aware of what's going on in the world, I also realize the need to limit the amount. Just think of Dog the Bounty Hunter, movies like Goodfellas or Boyz n Hood, or news filled with crime stories blaring in background first thing in morning?  That negativity energy affects the body both mentally and physically. 

While I would much prefer some nice conversation in the morning, or maybe some relaxing music.... tv is the mans sanctuary as he finds it relaxing before work.  Tv always has to be on when he's home.  He would much rather zone to tv than have to chat. haha

So I try to remain calm instead of getting annoyed, figure I have to be up shortly anyway. Instead I try to head to the little meditation room I created.  Its tough because the desire to linger in bed is strong especially those mornings I still feel sleepy or during winter.  Winter is just an overall hard season to get motivated. ha

Some mornings my thoughts can be all over the place, thinking about what needs to be accomplished that day but I try to let those thoughts flow until they eventually wear out their welcome. It's even helpful to just make a list of those things, or even any stressors as a way of releasing it.  That way the mind is able to get in a more focused meditative or as I like to call it zoned out state.  It usually helps to focus my thoughts on an image of the ocean or nature, even the candles in the room and then just stay centered on that. 

Meditation can be done anytime, anywhere but carving a place and creating a moment when it's quiet helps.  I'm sensitive to sound so find it nice to meditate in quietness or with gentle, soothing music playing.  There is a transcendental meditation place near by but it is rather expensive, though it's something I would like to try as it would be nice to get some tips from a true master of meditation too.  Of course there are many cds, dvds and books on meditation available as well.  Think for a beginner it's good to simply start off slowly, work ones way into the process and try various different meditative techniques. 

Here is what our little room looks like.

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