Friday, February 22, 2013

Wiffle Ball Lesson

Angel's eyesight has slowly declined through the years, being diagnosed with cataracts at an early age, then eventually glaucoma; not to mention the severe allergies or skin issues she has battled as well. But instead of feeling sorry for herself she focuses on the things she, love, sleep and wiffle ball!

She lets me know when it is time to eat.  A few barks, coming to nudge me to let me know to start making her food, sitting in the kitchen tail wagging while it's cooking and excitedly eating every crumb.  Or the belly rubs,  kisses, snuggles, other shared moments of affection and love  that always make her sigh so contently.   The mere mention of a wiffle ball sets her dancing, prancing, howling, singing and running around in joy.  

Yes one little wiffle ball brings a joy to her we simply have yet to fully comprehend.  Not being able to see is challenging, we would fully understand if she wanted to simply lounge on the couch.  But she found a way to do what she loves, you see by using a wiffle ball on the hardwood floor she is able to not only hear the ball but follow the ball. Oh she still occasionally runs into things but she doesn't let that stand in her way.

Oh the lessons she teaches me, the man, our family and anyone that meets her. Her enthusiasm for finding the positive in life is inspiring.  If she could talk I'm sure her message would be to live simple, have fun, play, eat good, get plenty of sleep, do what makes you happy, focus on the positive not the negative, love unconditionally and surround yourself with people who will too.
It's amazing what a little dog and wiffle ball can teach us all.

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