Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Musings

Hard to believe it's Monday already.  As I so often do I wonder why weekends were not created to be longer.  And why do people have to spend more time at work then they do with those they love or doing the things they love?

The weekend our goal was to try to relax.  Friday we cooked and watched a little tv.  Saturday we got some much needed snuggling, followed by dinner out.  Since we were celebrating my birthday we went to Olive Garden.  While I'm not exactly fond of getting older I am fond of their salad, soup and breadsticks.

Of course a few hours before due to go out, while snuggling on the couch a vertigo episode occurred.  Sometimes I can sense them coming on as my head starts to feel weird, sometimes see spots, there is a feeling of motion sickness and with that things start spinning.  The medicine given to take during the spells isn't working that well anymore, which is disappointing and scary as it used to be a safety net of sorts.

Anyway, I tried hard to persevere through it and the medicine allowed us to go out to eat.  But the wobbliness, nausea and barely being able to move my head lingered so had to take more medicine.  The night did not exactly go as I imagined, but it still meant a lot to me. And I was grateful just to be able to go out and have that special moment with the man. 

Sunday we took Angel to Petsmart as her birthday is coming up.  She enjoys howling at the other dogs, sniffs the treats and of course eat a few too. Since she cannot see that well we usually put her in a cart, push her around the store for a little and then let her get out to walk the treat aisle.  We are willing to buy her any toy but she absolutely has no interest in them.  The only thing she likes is wiffle balls.  Which are hard to find around here during the winter months. 

Anyway, this Monday I'm just wishing the weekends could be longer so we could have more fun with the people we love, doing the things we love.  Especially snuggling.

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