Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Musings

So I read that this Super Bowl was the highest rated ever.   The game itself was fun as it went from looking like Baltimore was going to blowout San Francisco, to San Francisco making a comeback that even appeared as if they were going to win.  But then Baltimore turned around and won!

As anyone knows though it's more than just the Super's the commercials, half time show, food and festivities that sound it as well that make the day seem almost like a holiday. ha

While I'm not huge fan of Beyonce thought her half time show was entertaining.  And there were three commercials that really stood out and were touching.  The Dodge Truck Farmers, the one narrated by Oprah Troops and the Budweiser about the Horse.  All three of the commercials were beautiful in their own way, even caused my eyes to well up.  If you didn't get a chance to see them I highly suggest you watch them for a little inspiration.  And if you want fun Taco Bell had the best Elderly Fun.

We made chili and rice with tortilla chips as a side.  Even got to hang out and play with the niece prior to the game.  We watched the Puppy Bowl too, which is such a great thing the Discovery Channel's Animal Planet runs.  All the puppies in it are shelter dogs available for adoption.  Check out the highlights here Puppy Bowl.

Overall good food, game, people and the kind of moments that make your soul smile.

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