Saturday, January 19, 2013


Besides love, I'm not sure there is any greater feeling than knowing one can truly trust another.

In a day and age where deceit, dishonesty, lying and mistruths seem to happen all too often trust is a precious commodity.  They say it can take years to earn, only seconds to break. 

Essentially trust is an assured reliance or firm belief in the truth, character, ability, strength or reliability of someone or something.   It basically involves being able to depend on another and know they will be honest. But it's more than that, yes trust runs deeper than that.  It's knowing someone is good for their word, they mean what they say, they hold true to their promises and so on. 

It's what makes trust so difficult though. How many people can say they are true to their word, keep their promises and mean what they say?  How many people can say they are or always have been honest?  How many people can say they never lie or tell white lies? How many people can say they have always been faithful and loyal to others?  How many people can say they are always reliable and would always do the right thing?  As this is what trust involves. 

How is trust formed in the first place?  How can it be maintained and sustained?  And what happens when trust is broken?  Can it be fixed or rebuilt?  What would it take to do that?  How can each of us become more trustworthy?  As it's often said you get what you give so might that hold true with something such as trust?  

I'm not sure but there have been moments in life where trust is something I have struggled with. And those moments have been difficult.  They made me realize how deeply important trust is.  Not only does my world need more of it, but this world needs more of it.  Shakespeare once said this of trust....

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  1. So inspiring! What a great heartfelt post! Excited to be following along! :)


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