Friday, January 11, 2013


Lying and Selfishness.  Two things I have come to dislike and detest.  The two seem to go hand in hand though.  And have the potential to cause so much harm and hurt.  A hurt that never seems to even resonate with those who dish it out.

Most liars don't have the courage to come clean on their own, or even explain the truth behind their reasons for lying.  They rarely take responsibility for their lies.  Often times coping out on a lie by turning it around to blame another,  or with an excuse that they think makes it okay.  I've never understood how a person can tell lies and never feel bad about it.  Forget the hurt they may cause, their concern is usually with themselves hence why they told the lie in the first place. That or they suffer from a psychological disorder.  Maybe a conscience of sort is missing in those who consistently lies, or maybe it's purposely avoided. 

The question remains though....why are some people selfish, why do some people lie and how can it be prevented or resolved? 

Sometimes it's frustrating to think we live in a society that doesn't place more value on honesty, more value on selflessness.  As maybe if we did, maybe there would be less lies.  Maybe more people would actually care about others not simply about themselves. Just a thought, though wish I had the real answer.

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