Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Wishes

New Years is often a time of reflection, not only reflecting on the year but one in which goals or resolutions are created as well.

I'm not quite sure how I feel going into this New Year.  Nor if I want to make resolutions. The holiday season was not quite as I expected.  The anticipation, excitement, overall happiness felt going into Christmas was a stark contrast to how I felt when the holiday arrived.  Nothing seemed to go as hoped or imagined.  It was more emotional than expected, those emotions still feel rather raw and hard to put into words. 

Speaking of words the sheer magnitude of them is amazing.  It got me thinking about how much power words truly have and hold....they can build us up or tear us down. 

And I think that's what I desire to focus on this coming New Year.  Not so much resolutions but words.  And simply wish for, or wish for more of...

Affection, Calm, Compassion, Enthusiasm, Faith, Friendship, Good, Guidance, Honesty, Hope, Joy, Kindness, Love, Optimism, Patience, Strength, Success, Understanding, Unity, Wealth, Wisdom, Work. 

Not just for myself, but for everyone.  

Though I have a few very personal wishes as well....find a cure for the dizziness/vertigo or at least the cause,  create a prosperous/successful home based business that somehow helps others, improve/ strengthen communication with loved ones and buy/own a cute, charming home instead of having to rent.

I also wish for a world more conscious of actions, behaviors, promises and words.  Most of all I wish for happiness, health, laughter, unconditional love and peace for all!

Happy New Year may all wishes come true!

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  1. Hi Ann, thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I read another post by a blogger right before Christmas, about how Christmas is not lovely and perfect like we all think it should be. Emotions are heightened, we are tense, rushed and tired, and many other things come into play. When I have big plans of how things should be, I'm often disappointed because they don't go like I had envisioned. Just wanted you to know I understand exactly what you are saying here. We had a nice holiday, but there was also bickering and emotions and things that I could have done without.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year, and thanks again for stopping by!


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