Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Musings

This Monday I have a bunch of random thoughts.

The weekend was not quite what I anticipated, yes I should learn not to have too high of expectations or get too excited but the optimist in me tends to forget this.  And so it was rather disappointing.

Including the Falcons loss to the Niners.  Thought for sure Matt Ryan and the Falcons would be heading to the Superbowl but alas that was not the reality.  It's hard to describe to those who don't like sports but when you really love a player or team, when that player or team is one game away from the championship game....well it's a very disappointing feeling when they lose.  But hey there are much worse things in life than losing a game.

Though we did try a new restaurant Friday night.  Honestly it's been over a month since we were out to eat, so it was definitely the highlight of the weekend.  But we also found that now that we watch Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network we pay attention to details we probably would not have before.  And might even have higher expectations of restaurants as well.  If you have not seen this show I highly suggest you check it out. 

Another thought for today....isn't it amazing how others moods can affect our own?  I do believe there is truth in what the experts say about how others energy can be contagious. For instance sometimes low energy can bring us down, high energy can lift us up.  Makes sense when they say choose who you surround yourself, or spend time, with.

Today I decided to participate in the GFC blog hop (included a link to it on the sidebar), and was pleasantly surprised as I found some beautiful blogs.  It's nice expanding my reading and also getting to know the amazing bloggers out there.  If you happen to be new to my blog....welcome, thanks for following and look forward to getting to know you!

And now I need to go play, as someone is patiently waiting with their wiffle ball!


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