Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Musings

Saturday morning had to wake up early to head to a lecture.  It was good though because it was a learning experience.  The rest of the weekend consisted mainly of lounging and watching football, it was still rather exciting as the Atlanta Falcons won.  And it was no ordinary with less then a minute left in the game Atlanta had to score.  Honestly I had all but given up but what seemed impossible quickly turned into the possible when they kicked a field goal. 

It's funny I was happy they won, but felt so stressed over the closeness of the game and knowing there were more games to be played.  Not sure I can handle another game like that one. ha

Followed by a little Revenge.  Seriously I usually don't find many tv shows I enjoy but this show keeps my attention. Wish there were more shows that actually made the audience think a little.

Today was kind of catch up day as work needed to get done, of course I got so engrossed working on a painting that before I knew it was time to start cooking dinner.  And Angel decided to scooch all around which creates the smelliest odor so in the midst of cooking she needed a bath.  Sometimes dogs have issues with their anal glands, especially dogs with severe allergies like my little westie. It causes them to rub their butts against the ground releasing the craziest smell.  There really aren't many products on the market that can get rid of the smell other then bathing.  Anyway....

That's my Monday in a nutshell. Check the little one out she smells so good after her bath!

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