Friday, December 14, 2012

Thoughts on Today

It's the holidays, families and kids are suppose to be focused on the holidays.  Getting excited about Santa, Hanukkah presents or other celebrations.  So what happened today it's hard to find words for but these are what come to mind....deeply sad, incomprehensible and unacceptable.

The United States may be a Democratic nation in which people are given a certain amount of freedoms.  Freedoms that often times can cause discord amongst people.  And with any freedom comes responsibility as well,  it's when those responsibilities are not upheld a nation can today.

For example the right to bear arms becomes an issue that is questioned when twenty kindergarten kids are senselessly gun down.  Should the deranged, irresponsible individuals ruin the right for all?  Maybe.  The innocent children who lost their lives surely would not hesitate to answer yes.  But even if there were stricter gun laws, like drugs they would still be available illegally on the street.

Problem is it's not just about the guns, the problem runs much deeper.  Oh so much deeper.

Guns, Violence, Drugs, Bullying, Poor Economy, High Unemployment Rates, Broken Families, High Divorce Rates, Absent Parents or Family Support, Physical and/or Emotional Abuse, Gangs, Sex and Violence in media/video games, mental health issues, overwhelming stress, the list is long.  Kids are growing up surrounded by all this craziness, negativity and more at such delicate, young ages.  And many adults lives are not much better or easier. 

Fact is everything affects everything.  It is not only unacceptable but cannot be ignored any longer it has to be addressed, solutions need to be found and our world needs to work together to accomplish this.  Together we need to make this world a better place.

How do we possibly begin to tackle even one of these issues, let alone all?  Ideas?  Resolutions? Solutions?  What is the answer?  Does anyone know, do our leaders?  

It's up to all of us to make the world a better place.  But how and where do we begin.....

Maybe as raw and sad as it feels now, maybe these children had a higher purpose?  Maybe it takes something as horrific as such an event happening to wake people up, to make and instill real changes, to help those who so desperately need it,  to speak out, stand up, fight for what is right, to get back to what really matters, to bring back values and morals to a world that has lost sight of them and to make sure good always prevails!

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