Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday Musings

So the calendar says it's December but the weather feels spring like.  As I worked on cleaning up the outside I felt gratitude for the warm weather.   Funny how something so small as a sunny, warm day can mean so much.

It felt almost hard to get into the holiday spirit.  But seeing as we were heading to see Santa we were reminded that it's Winter not Spring.  During the holiday season, the malls hold Santa for pets on Monday evenings.  It's a great opportunity for not only pets to have their photo taken with Santa, but it also allows the family to include their pets in family photos with Santa as well.  

My sister has not had a lot of success with my niece and Santa.  For whatever reason Santa seems to scare my niece, she pretty much will not go near the guy.  So this holiday when my sister heard we were taking Angel to see Santa, her and my niece decided to come as well.  We all hoped our dog would help her not fear Santa.   And said she even talked about going to Santa with Aunt Ann's dog all day.

Angel seemed to sense she was going to see Santa as she practically ran into the mall.  Now if you know anything about my dog she is a very slow walker.  She only walks fast when she really wants something.  And only barks when she wants to play ball or eat.  And so there she is sprinting into the mall and even letting out barks.

It was precious as there were all kinds of breeds of dogs, small and large.  Entwined amongst the dogs were kids and families.  As soon as we arrived my niece looked scared but with all the dogs she quickly became some what distracted.  As her turn approached she became apprehensive but when we put Angel on Santa's lap she quickly moved closer so she could take care of her.  And so my sister got one of the sweetest holiday photos that just happens to include our dog.  :)

And we got a sweet family photo.  Not to mention a night out with our wonderful little one.  We always say we wish we could take her everywhere and that more places would offer pet nights.  For those of us who consider our pets our children it sure means a lot!


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