Tuesday, December 11, 2012

90-10 Trap

Sitting on my desk is a calendar by author Richard Carlson who wrote "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" series.  It's filled with a bunch of wisdom....the type of wisdom that encourages, inspires, makes you think and even want to be a better person.

So when I came across this I felt the need to share.  As how many of us on a daily basis fall into this trap. 

"Avoid the 90-10 trap.  The 90-10 trap is that most of us tend to focus our attention, thinking and conversations on the worst 10 percent of our lives.  The 90 stands for 90 percent of what happens during our day, which is usually pretty good, and the 10 stands for the remaining 10 percent which is usually problematic and filled with hassle"

It reminds me of other things I have read about the mind's tendency to dwell and focus on the negative more so then the positive.  There are of course various explanations for this. But think about the 90-10 trap. Why do we let the 10 percent control our thoughts?  If we let this 10 percent control our thoughts won't we only attract more of it?

Truth be told I think many are afraid to feel happy, afraid to focus on the good as for many it feels fleeting....something they fear will be taken away the moment they experience it or let themselves feel it.  It becomes almost easier to focus on the negative as it doesn't bring with it the disappointment that focusing on the positive can sometimes bring.

How different might our world be if we all focused on the 90 percent rather then that 10 percent?  Essentially it's similar to the idea of showing gratitude each day, appreciating what we do have and finding something even if it's small to be thankful for.  Maybe it won't be easy to focus on the good at first, but maybe by just consciously doing it....it might eventually become one of those great unconscious habits.

It's sort of a choice we all have the power to make....dwell on the good or dwell on the bad either way it is what it is.  Essentially we can make ourselves miserable or try to find happiness in the every day.  Something to think about....

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