Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday. Please meet some special dogs from CA, FL, NJ, PA and SC all in need of good, loving homes.

Please feel free to use social media to spread the word about these dogs. The more people hear about them the better chance they have of finding homes. Thanks. (or as the dogs would say woof, woof)

Meet Rudy and Tudy, two best friends who were relinquished by an owner who hit some tough times and could no longer care for them.  They've been living at the shelter for the past year or so in hopes that their family would be able to take them back home, but now it seems that their best chance of having a good life is to be adopted into a new forever home.  Rudy the Westie is about 5 years old, and is a young soul who loves attention and gets along with all creatures, both human and animal.  Tudy is a little older, probably around 8 or 9, and has lost his vision, but he doesn't expect to be treated any differently from his little dog friends. Tudy is always one of the first dogs running out the door of the play area hoping to go outside and have an adventure.  You wouldn't even be able to tell he's blind except that he does run into a door or two every now and again.  His unbroken spirit makes him one of our heroes!. These two sweet creatures need to be adopted together, as Rudy is not only Tudy's best friend, but also his seeing eye dog.  Please lets find these two sweethearts a good home!

Rudy and Tudy - Los Angeles, CA

Bark Avenue Foundation
3030 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 840-0153

Free two beagles available to a good home they must stay together.  We are looking for a home with no kids where Bailey and Ryley can lay around with you and keep you company.  Ryley loves to be petted all the time and will do anything for you to love him. Bailey likes to be the side kick, play ball or just hang out.  Both beagles are males, they have all their shots and test records.  Both are healthy, approximately 11 and 8 years old, and never been hunting.   Their owners  would like them to go to a good home as they have two young children and feel they are not giving the dogs the attention they deserve.  Included is a bunch of dog food, toys, leashes.  Please these are great dogs who are in need of a true home!

Bailey and Ryley - Jackonsville, FL

First Coast Beagle Rescue
9802-12 Baymeadows Rd #101
Jacksonville , FL 32256

Kate & Spencer are a bonded pair of bichons. Both are spayed/neutered. They have lived together their entire lives so we will be looking for a family who will take both dogs together. Kate is 9 yrs. old & Spencer is 7 yrs. old. They came to DVBR a couple of years ago and were placed with an older person, however, she is ill at this time and can no longer care  for this wonderful pair of dogs. Kate and Spencer love one another. They are absolutely fine with other dogs. We don't know about cats. We would assume they'd be fine with kids, although they haven't been around kids in many years. Both dogs are lovable, affectionate and sweet but also playful and rambunctious at times. If you are interested in this pair, go to our website: and complete an adoption application. Once we have received it, someone from the rescue will contact you.

Kate and Spencer - Cinnaminson, NJ

Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue
P.O. Box 2411
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
(856) 829-7615

Sweet Sae shuffles around, trying his best to stay out of the way, and doing what he thinks will make everyone happy! He’s a wonderfully sweet and gentle fellow who only wants to please.  Sae came from a crowded and frightening shelter in New York City, where he was found as a stray. He’s an adorable senior Yorkshire Terrier mix, about 15 pounds, with one ear up and one ear down! Sae is completely blind from cataracts and partially deaf. He has no hearing out of his left ear and only slight hearing out of his right, but does hear louder noises. Sae is completely housebroken and has never had an accident in the house, not even when he first arrived. He takes treats gently from your hand, and loves to sleep by the front screen door to feel the breeze and smell the smells from outside. He sleeps much of the day and sleeps completely through the night. He completely ignores the other dogs and cats.  Sae has allergies and does a lot of licking, which sometimes create sores. He’s currently on prednisone and gets weekly baths with a medicated shampoo. He stands quietly for his baths with no fuss. When his allergies are particularly bad, he wears wears a Tshirt as needed. Anxiety may play a role in his licking, as well. Sae’s history is unknown, and we can only imagine what he may have gone through. Sae is quite timid, and walks very slowly and carefully. It took him about a week to venture out of the expen, and another week to leave the living room. He now knows the downstairs rooms and can find his way back to the deck from outside, but does occasionally need guidance.  His favorite time to be held is a few hours after dinner, where he will just melt into your arms for some loving!  Sae is a very quiet and careful fellow only heard him bark three times. He will need a patient and understanding owner who will work with him as he learns to trust and bond. Sae prefers a quiet house with no children and ideally, would be adopted within five or six hours of central upstate New York to avoid the stress of a longer transport. I believe a longer transport would be very difficult for him.  Sae has a lot of love to give and he has waited very patiently for his own forever home! This gentle boy, who only wants to do the right thing, has a lot of love to share! Please fill out an adoption application if you are interested in sharing your life with Sae!

Sae - Philadelphia, PA

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance
PO Box 63401
Philadelphia, PA 19114
(877) 254-6301

Patch is a male Dachshund mix that we think is about 7 months old.   He currently weighs 12 pounds, and should not grow to be any more than 20 pounds as an adult.  He is good with other dogs and a real charmer.  Let's find this little man the home he deserves!

Patch - West Columbia,SC

The Heartworm Project
P.O. Box 7308
West Columbia, SC 29171-7308
(803) 394-7470

No paw left behind is our mission! 

{Please keep in mind a dog is lifetime commitment.  They need attention, love and time just like we do.  In addition, adding a pet to the family does cost money in the way of food, health care, training,etc. So before adopting make sure you are willing to make that kind of commitment and have the resources to do so.}

If you want to be a part of Woof Wednesdays email Ann MicheleLauren or leave a comment.  Or simply start posting about dogs in need of a home on your blog or facebook page!

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