Friday, November 9, 2012

Talk but Do

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.
 Skepticism has never founded empires, established principals, or changed the world's heart. The great doers in history have always been people of faith.

It's been a rather interesting week.  The election (which was very disappointing for me), a snowy nor'easter (after just getting power back from hurricane Sandy), too early a feeling of the winter blues (winter temperatures and lack of sun will do that) and having a long list of stuff that needs to be addressed. (stressful)

A combination of things brought my attention to the act of doing.  How often do we talk about what what we are going to do or needs to be done but actually doing it becomes a whole other story.  For most talking is much easier than doing.  And many times we get caught up in moments saying things or promising things we may not even be able to do, causing disappointment for not only ourselves but others.  Thinking before we speak might come in handy as well.

Life is busy it's hard to find moments to think, let alone do.  But we must do or nothing gets accomplished resolved, solved, you name it. So today doing is the focus.  Still only made a small dent
in the to do list but at least it was more then just talking.  It's way better than letting the list grow to a point it becomes so overwhelming that nothing ever gets done. 

Some days it may mean doing small things, other days tackling large things.  Small or large does not matter as long as we do. Not only that but honoring what we tell others, keeping our promises and word as well.  Finding these lovely quotes was inspiring. A good reminder how we cannot accomplishment anything great, much less our dreams, unless we are willing to back up our words with action!

Thinkers think and doers do. But until the thinkers do and the doers think, progress will be just another word in the already overburdened vocabulary of the talkers who talk.

 The big divide in this country is not between Democrats and Republicans, or women and men, but between talkers and doers.


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