Friday, November 2, 2012

Sandys Aftermath

So we heard all the forecasts and meteorologists predicting Sandy was going to be a perfect storm, a mega storm of sorts.  For the most part a lot of people here thought it was being over hyped, which tends to occur sometimes.  Only this time the forecast was accurate, too accurate.

Funny thing leading up to this storm, is we would be in the grocery store hearing men telling women they were panicking for no reason.  It seemed like many men were treating the warnings with a grain of salt while the women were trying not to. Even my man kept saying he didn't think we needed to stock up, and many people were laughing at others panicking about the storm.  Not sure anyone man or woman will think that way again.

Though the rain may not have been as heavy as they thought in our parts, it rained for days and the wind....well the wind was fierce!  As the hurricane came onshore in Jersey the wind in our parts whipped up to unbelievable force taking the power right along with it.  It's been five days and still no sign of power returning.  And it's been cold, Sandy brought temperatures in the 30's not fun when one doesn't have heat. Generators are sold out. Gas is running low. Stores don't have power some are opening with dim generator light  and only accepting exact change.  Business, schools and roads have been closed all week.

For us Sandy brought a loss of power and a lot of food.  Downed trees and wires litter the streets, but nothing like the flooding devastation that occurred in New Jersey or New York.  The beaches we have grown up on, play and vacation at along the Jersey Shore are gone.  It's sad....not only for the people who lost everything but for the beauty of nature that has been lost as well.   One cannot even begin to imagine the destruction Sandy brought with it.

Good news we found out we have gas water heater that doesn't need electricity, so were able to still get hot showers and were able to fire up our gas stove top by using one of those lighter wands.  Bad news all our of food in fridge and freezer went bad, and we ran out of food to cook.  Not to mention no matter how bundled up we were it was hard to remain warm when the temperatures dipped below freezing. Luckily my family's home regained power, so we sought shelter here last night.  Being in heat and having food to eat feels luxurious.

But seeing all the Sandy photos on television for the first time has been hard. It's hard to even comprehend how much destruction has occurred in so many states around here, and to so many of our favorite beaches.  People are without food, gas, heat and the weather is growing colder.  Not only that but there is concern that a coastal nor'easter could hit as early as next week. Nor'easters bring heavy rain and wind which would certainly be trouble in states already inundated by this previous storm.

We don't know when power will be restored in our area, but we are thankful to be able to have sought shelter with family who does.   And pray for all those who have been affected and so desperately need help....may power be restored to all homes and businesses, may people find gas, food and warm places to stay.  In times like this it's huge reminder that no matter our race, ethnicity, gender, religion, political views, income or whatever other differences we think separate us we are all truly one.  And we need to  come together, to work as one to get things accomplished and help those who need it! (also work to remove any bureaucratic red tape that stands in the way of people getting the necessary help they need)

With limited ability to charge my phone I took photos here and there of the experience.  Overall I would have liked to had more photos but honestly keeping my phone charged was more important.  And yes though I'm smiling for the camera I was shivering behind it.  The last photo is of the man when we reached my family's home whose power has been restored.  Hoping ours will be soon!

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  1. Reading about and seeing photos of the devastation Sandy has brought is just heartbreaking. I am so glad you are's hoping your power is restored soon!


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