Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings

This Monday I was awake at 2am working on stuff, eating cereal and watching Revenge.  Some days there is just so much on my mind, the to do lists piling up in my head, work that needs to get done, stress coming from all angles, health stuff, coupled with wishful dreams lurking beneath all of it and well it can make it hard to sleep.

Honestly in those wee morning hours felt so hungry probably could have eaten a big steak dinner at that point.  That happens when the weather gets cold, do too much physical work, hormone changes or even when feeling stress I get crazy hungry.  Even the huge Thanksgiving meal nor large plate of pasta I had for dinner could quell the hunger.ha

Thanksgiving was fun, nice and crazy.  My mothers delicious home cooking, getting to play all day with the niece and spending time with family was great.  Tried to take a family photo which is always a little hard to do with a self timer and seven people.  But we managed to get a few cute ones, even if my sister did get a little testy and declared no more half way through the silliness.

Then there was a little family wii dance off which brought a little craziness as my dad happened to lose his balance, which led to him falling into a Tiffany lamp.  The lamp pretty much shattered into pieces, everyone scrambled except the man who kept on wii dancing as he didn't want my dad to feel embarrassed by the fuss.  As I have said before the man has a unique perspective. :)

Luckily dad was okay, and of course the wii dance off continued.  Until later that is when in the fun of the moment I forgot about the dizziness and one of the dances had a shake the head move.  As soon as I shook my head the room started to spin bringing with it the unpleasant nausea feeling.  At least I had already ate dinner.  But the ride home was not so pleasant as there is nothing like being in a moving car when you already feeling like things are moving.  Thankfully the man made some strong home brewed ginger tea which helped. The vertigo has not exactly been cooperative lately.

Friday evening we ventured out to see if the man could get a deal on a laptop. By then stores such as Best Buy and even Walmart were pretty much empty.   The deals on laptops were not very impressive so we came home empty handed. Saturday involved football all day with much napping in between.  Sunday was all about cleaning house which isn't exactly fun but has to be done.  More football.  And a homemade red sauce simmering on the stove.  By Sunday evening I felt rather stressed from all the work, and knowing there is still much that needs to be done.  Hence why I probably found myself awake at 2 watching Revenge.

Did I mention the man is participating in Movember, yes for a whole month it means he has to grow a mustache.  And yes like many others said about quarterback Aaron Rogers mustache, his is also making him look like a 70's porn star as well.  But these men are doing it for a good cause so that's all that matters!  Though it made for some interesting photos.

What a long post this Monday, and what a Thanksgiving.  All I can say is I'm grateful for all those little moments shared with the ones I love, that is what truly matters the most! 

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