Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Musings

Monday is here already, and what a day it has turned out to be.

Weekend was rather busy.  Friday involved food shopping as after hurricane Sandy our fridge was left with nothing except our Pure water filter.  At 8:30 on a Friday night we practically had the store to ourselves.  Only downside to shopping at the time is the fresh deli/meat/seafood counters are not open and only usually one registrar is open.  Other than that it's pretty ideal.

Saturday we went to the mall.  Yes you heard right the man went shopping during football. (of course not until after his Michigan team played which got us to the mall a little later then hoped)  But he didn't try to rush, in fact he actually helped me try to find jeans. We strolled hand in hand through the mall casually browsing any store that looked good.  It was the most fun we have had in awhile! (thought for sure an alien had taken over the man's body) ha

Sunday was spent watching football, and hanging the Christmas lights outside.  You see after the hurricane and then winter storm which left us with very cold temperatures.....well yesterday temperatures soared into the high 60's causing it to feel like Spring.  Thought I would take advantage of it before it turns cold again.

And after a great weekend this Monday has been a disaster.  After making delicious pancakes for  breakfast I started to feel weird, and next thing  I know I was in a full blown vertigo attack.  It turned into a very bad attack which left me crawling on the floor trying to even get a glass of water.  The nausea that ensued is indescribable.  I took one valium, the only medicine that ever seems to help the bad attacks only it didn't help.  Even the slightest movement made me feel as if my world was spinning out of control.  So a few hours later I tried another valium (they are the lowest dose possible) this at least helped alleviate the nausea but still could not move head certain ways without everything spinning. It's scary as usually the valium makes it go away quickly but not today.  It has gotten better but I'm keeping my fingers crossed because it's one of those things that can change quickly.

Of course the man came home with a headache so he was little help.  I was hoping he would simply be there for me, only yet again I had to ask for his help in preparing dinner and was left with a sink full of messy dishes.  Note to men a woman should never have to ask for help when she isn't feeling well, just do whatever it takes.  If that means cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning house, taking the dog out....simply do it.  As we women do A LOT for you! 

If it was reversed the man would want to be taken care of but he doesn't quite understand how to take care of others, to do those little things that matter so much. He needs to understand that sometimes people just need help or support, it's what life is all about you know helping others.  He has a a lot to learn in this area of life still.  So the weekend may have been great but today was not. Sorry for the little rant but there is something rather disappointing when the one you love is just not there in those moments you really need them to be.  We might adore people but that doesn't mean we adore everything every moment. ha

Enough said before the vertigo thinks about coming back I just want to honor all the Veterans.  You see my father is a Vietnam Veteran, he is the hardest working man I know and what he went through back while serving our country is almost impossible to describe in words.  Maybe I will share some of his stories one day but for now to all the Veterans....Thank You!

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