Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Musings

This Monday I feel like all I did was think this weekend.  About everything and anything.  Of course not having power for five days will do that.  There are few distractions but thought.

Just cannot help but wonder lately if I'm letting some of my dreams and desires be put on the back burner.  An unsatisfied feeling of sorts.  I'm sure at some point we have all felt this way.

It kind of began with a few recent dreams, you know the kind where you are incredibly happy they feel almost out of a movie but then upon waking you feel a slight disappointment when you realize it was just a dream. ha

Unless your able to read my thoughts I'm probably being a little too vague but yet not feeling like sharing the details either.

Think dealing with the whole Sandy storm last week caused me to ponder how fragile life can be.  And how so many of us put off doing what makes us truly happy.  Surrounding ourselves with whomever, whatever or doing what makes us happy should be a priority.  Living life to it's fullest should be too.  So then why don't we make them one?  Just a thought for today.

You know....

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