Friday, November 16, 2012

Crazy Days

Some days are just crazy.  Take for instance day. 

I love candles the delicious aroma, the beautiful light and the rather romantic feel that fills the air.  Except when the wax lands on my face. Yes that's right, went to blow out a bunch of votive candles but suppose I blew too hard as the wax went everywhere including my face, glasses and hair.  My first thought was oh no not the glasses, as I have that anti reflection coating on them which is highly sensitive to just about everything.  But then I looked in the mirror and could not help but burst out laughing as I looked rather hilarious covered in wax! ha

Then I decided to rid the shower of mold, after scrubbing I think applied a mildew and mold spray.  Only it seemed as if the spray showered me as my eyes started burning, and my nose felt like it had inhaled bleach.  I panicked, ran downstairs and proceeded to spray my head with the shower nozzle.  (our downstairs bathroom has one of those big old fashioned tubs with a shower head attached so I can bath the dog.  Anyway, there I was trying to get the bleach off when I realized the spray was also wetting just about the entire bathroom as well.

Oh yeah let's not forget upon reaching in the fridge for our marinating steaks, I knocked the buy one get one free blueberries I was so happy to have gotten such a deal on all over the kitchen floor. 

On top of that I get a call from our neighbors.  They adopted a dog, who is not only deaf but recently discovered has lost vision in one eye.  Given our dog has had visions problem for years they asked for advice.  I explained to them we give her drops daily and it helped.  They had quite a few options one to inject a needle in the dogs eye but since they heard we administer drops they decided to try it as they thought it would be less invasive for the poor dog.  Well they call me upset as when they try to administer the eye drops the dog tries to bite them.  Since I have not encountered that problem with our dog, I tried to sooth them by saying it may take time or a lot of treats.  Gave them ideas about possible ways they might be able to distract her. 

They are elderly and I feel so bad for them and the little dog having to go through all this. Though I know my family's Scottie would probably try to bite if someone put drops in her eye.  Vets don't realize how hard it can be for pet owners and there isn't a lot on the market to help with such things. So now I'm worried about this little dog, hoping it will be okay and that the diagnosis is correct as it feels like there could be more to her problem.

And the man's laptop has malfunctioned to the point he is going to have to purchase a new one.  Scrambling to save data is what he is up against right now.   Not exactly the expense we need before the holidays. 

Oh what a day, yes one of those crazy days.  And I don't even have a photo to show though I suppose that's a good thing.  But if you ask me this is sound on advice on these type days....

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