Friday, October 5, 2012

What Would You Do

On occasion we watch the show What Would You Do, you know the one in which acts out inappropriate situations to see what people will do and if they will speak up. 

Watching the show it makes me wonder what would I do if confronted with such situations?  I'm not exactly the type that can quietly watch another be mistreated, tend to be more likely to speak up if I believe something isn't fair or just.  

A recent situation in the neighborhood is testing just this.  You see my neighbor recently adopted  a sweet, deaf dog.  The dog is maybe 10 lbs, they think it came from neglect prior to being rescued.  The neighbor is an older, retired man who is out of it, as in no way he should have even gotten a dog.  Now his wife is fine, but she works and is generally not home that often. (he doesn't listen to her anyway... he got the dog without consulting her, he drives their car over the curb at least once a week often times taking out anything in it's way, she is always screaming at him because he just doesn't seem to do the right thing most of the time and makes little sense as well)

Oh yeah and his daughter/son in law live right up the street.  Even the daughter said she was a little upset over his dog decision as I get the impression she didn't think he could handle it either.  Both his daughters have dogs as well.  She told me they had a dog as a child but it was outside with the father one day, supposedly he turned around and it had disappeared. (just a little extra info) 

The dilemma stems in the way I see the man treat the dog, for instance the dog is deaf yet he doesn't keep it on a leash so when it starts to wander off he gets really mad.  He starts yelling at the dog even though it cannot hear him, when the dog doesn't respond or come back he then goes and hits it on the butt/back (doesn't appear like a soft hit either).  Now I'm beginning to think this might be routine as when the dog sees him coming he crouches down and looks very scared. In the mere few weeks they have had the dog I've witnessed this pretty much anytime they are out front of their house.  And no they don't have a fenced in yard. Today was the worst as after he hit the dog it appeared to be limping. 

I find it upsetting the way he treats this dog, being deaf it needs a different form of training that he obviously does not understand nor want to take the time to do.  Now the other day I mentioned to him that since the dog cannot hear, it cannot hear him calling for it to come back.  And said to him how bad I felt for the dog that it probably needs a little extra patience in training.  Trying to hint that maybe his hitting method wasn't appropriate but of course he is so out of it he wasn't exactly getting hint or if he was he didn't like it.  Now I don't know how he treats the dog behind close doors when it does something he doesn't like, maybe he doesn't act like that indoors.  And of course don't want to make too hasty a judgment but feel bad when I witness what I have.  

Plus, I don't want to create animosity between neighbors either, as we live in a rather close knit neighborhood.  And it might be obvious if I report him as there are only two houses facing his front. Yet I want to do the right thing especially for the dog.  But could I be overreacting?  Oh I don't know.

Anyway, maybe some people think its okay to hit dogs.  But in this case with the dog being deaf I find it inappropriate.  But is it appropriate for me to get involved?  Do I tell the man directly I think hitting the dog is wrong, or say something to his wife? (talking to the guy is like talking to a one year old)  Do I report him to the SPCA who gave him the dog?  For once I just don't know what to do. 

All I want is what is best for the dog.  In fact, I feel so bad when I see this happening that I would adopt the dog if need be.  Ugh.  This is one of those what would you do situations and now I don't know what to do!

Thoughts anyone? I need to hear what others might or might not do in this situation)  Should I even get involved or just stay out of their business?   What would you do....

This is what the dog looks like though weighs a little less.

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