Thursday, October 11, 2012


There is a vulnerability to basically everything in life, but lately I feel this way a lot toward blogging.   Blogging to me has always been about being able to write about anything that comes to mind, but especially feelings, thoughts or things going on in my world.  In the beginning I didn't even realize one could make a blog private, and when I found out it was possible I admit I tossed the idea around.

Because let's face it when I really pondered the whole idea, it was daunting at times to think complete strangers might be reading rather personal things.  Most difficult is writing about the not so perfect stuff, the negative or those things that bring unhappiness.  As I realize those can be very personal, often times misunderstood or misinterpreted.  Plus not everyone wants to read the not so perfect stuff as they are weighed down by their own stuff as well....which I think many people try to escape by reading blogs. In a way I suppose it's rather ironic. But also there are certain people a blogger might know personally that they don't feel comfortable having them read their inner thoughts or vulnerabilities as well.  It's an interesting dilemma one can face while blogging.

Yet at the same time it's amazing what you learn about others when you share those less than perfect moments, when you aren't afraid to reveal those vulnerabilities others open up about theirs as well.  Those moments are often hard to describe in words but many times priceless. 

It's a shame though because I think to a certain extent some bloggers may fears letting that kind of vulnerability into their blogs.  It feels like some believe they have to portray some kind of character to others, or only write about certain topics.  In the process sometimes losing the depth that resides behind who they truly are or really want to say.

Sometimes I wonder if blogging might have become too commercialized.  People not writing what they might really want to because they feel they need to get more followers or not lose the ones they have, worries over sponsors or whatever else.  Does that make sense?  I wonder if I'm making any sense at this moment. Especially since I'm trying to cook dinner too....steak broiling, roasted potatoes in over, broccoli in the microwave and one hungry dog circling my feet.

Anyway, there was a sense of vulnerability in a few blogs I read this week.  A more in depth look into who they are, I thought it was beautiful, inspiring and refreshing. 

"Tell the story of who you are with your whole heart"

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