Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Say It Ain't So

Fall is officially here, it has brought with it what feels like winter temperatures.  I had hoped this was just a mistake by mother nature, that those 80 degree days would quickly be returning but doesn't look like it. 

Beginning to feel Fall funk and Winter blues already.  Less sun and daylight, cooler rather frigid weather, constant shivers, major hunger pangs, cooler temps aggravating other conditions, loss of motivation, some crankiness, longing for summer clothes and a strong desire to simply hibernate like a bear until Spring....yup that about describes it. Maybe one day I will love winter but for now I'll take summer flowers and blooming trees over the bleakness of winter and its bare trees any day.

Oh please summer come back.  I miss you already.

Yes I should probably move south, but even though I enjoy heat not sure I can handle the constant high heat and humidity of some parts of the south.  Lived out west their temperatures are pretty nice, though it can still get chilly and it's way too far from family. 

Don't get me wrong I like Pennsylvania....we live right outside of Philadelphia the countryside is beautiful, it's only about a hour half or less from beach, we are close drive to other great cities like New York, Baltimore, DC, Boston and many more, shopping is great here, there is always something to do, we have a professional NBA,NFL,NHL and MLB teams, not to mention some great universities and of course the best part my family is here. :)  Even Fall and Winter can be beautiful here only downside is the cold temperatures and lack of sun they bring with them. 

Of course if I were a millionaire I would not be as concerned, would just hike up the heat to 80 and pretend I live in the tropics.  But since our budget cannot afford that kind of enormous gas bill just yet it's not a possibility.  Even using an electric space heater all day would eventually either knock the power out in this old little cottage, or create a monster electric bill.  And yes I could wear a bunch of layers but the amount of layers I need to keep warm make it difficult to move, especially paint. Could always buy one of those lamps that supposedly recreates the rays of the sun to help people get more light. Hmmmm.

So looks like I either need to find a way to either afford those higher heat bills, or find alternative ways to keep warm that allow one to move. ha

Until then the little one and I will be trying hard to fight off the shivers....yes we really are wearing puffy vests and scarves indoors! (and I may have given in and eventually turned the heat on just enough to reduce the chill and take off the scarfs)

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