Saturday, October 27, 2012

Perfect Storm

What do you do when where you live is in the supposed path of what they are saying could be the perfect storm. What is a perfect storm?

This so called perfect storm would happen if a storm system moving in from the midwest combines with the hurricane moving up from the south.  Sam Champion even referred to it as an atmospheric bomb.

Now for those of you who are not familiar with Philadelphia, it's only about a hour and half ride from the Jersey shore.  So this area pretty much feels the effect of any coastal storm.  The news is filled with warnings, weather models predicting it will come ashore. Yet still too early to know where the storm will make actual landfall, which factors into what areas get hit the hardest.

The man seems to think it's a lot of hype, that maybe the weather people might be wrong.  He worries, stresses about nothing except sports.  But with the potential such a storm is capable of I think it's better to err on the side of caution, try to plan ahead a little just in case it makes landfall here.  So I'm trying to make sure items are raised as high as they can go in the basement, stuff is tied down outside and that we buy the necessary items as last hurricane water, batteries, ice were completely sold out before storm even hit.  When a perfect storm is heading this way there is much to consider.

Losing power is a concern as it would mean losing all the food in our fridge and having the sump pump in the basement not be able to work which could create a flooding mess.  Both would not be good financially either. If power does go out food that doesn't have to be cooked would be essential as buying a generator isn't exactly in our budget, plus many are sold out already anyway.  And we hope those old tree lurking over the house can withstand the wind they are predicting or that could be a real issue as well.

The so called perfect storm has the potential to do real damage.  Amazing how in situations like these we realize just how much we take for granted and how spoiled we essentially are.

Though with all the concern also comes a sense of excitement.  There is always a sense of that with any kind of storm. Something out of the ordinary that most don't get to experience tends to do that.  What will it be like, feel like, will people be able to get to work, kids to school or will things have to close?

Let's face it mother nature can be awe inspiring at time.  The waves a hurricane creates are amazing. The beauty of blizzard as snowflakes fill the sky and everything is blanketed in white. The fierce sky of a tornado approaching. The power of an earthquake to move mountains.  Nature brings with it an energy all it's own. It's a reminder of sorts that something much higher and powerful than the world we know exists.

So maybe this hurricane will decide to go another way, as just like life mother nature is unpredictable.  Yes there may be stormy days ahead but the sun will eventually shine again too!

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