Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One Chamomile Tea Please

Yes that's right I think a cup of Chamomile tea will be needed this evening, maybe two.  With the Presidential debate about to take place again this evening I'm torn, part of me wants no parts of it as I find the tone of them rather stressful yet another part of me feels drawn to hear what they have to say.  But to watch I almost feels like one has to fall back on a remedy of some sort that will induce a sort of calmness, like one of those sleepy time Chamomile teas that can even fit in a Keurig now.

Politics is a crazy thing.  It should not be stressful, nor about money or even power but let's face it, it has turned into that.  The focus should be on the improvement of people's lives and world around us.  We hope the people we elect to office hold those ideals, and won't be swayed by the corruption that does exist.

They do feel stressful, but politics is one of those things that can be stressful especially when it comes to discussion.  Everyone has their own ideas, opinions, thoughts, views....yet instead of just respecting those differences it turns into arguments not only among the candidates, but the American people.  Twitter set an all time record during the last debates.  People all heated about the debates and what was being said.  One would think that kind of discussion would be good for this country but instead it always seems to cause more division then unity. It takes on a negative tone, almost one of bullying.

It's sad that somehow we cannot find a way to just agree to disagree, to put aside those differences work together for the common good of the world and it's people.  Maybe there should not be one President maybe that's the problem.  Maybe there should be one Democrat, one Republican and one Independent.  Or maybe we should just do away with parties which cause more judgement and division.  As crazy as it sounds it might lead to a more unified country where something great actually gets accomplished.

I do not consider myself a Democrat nor Republican, no I'm somewhere in the middle does that make me an Independent?  I suppose.  But what never made sense to me is that if one isn't register as Democrat or Republican they cannot vote for either parties candidates in the primary elections, you know the one leading up to the general election.  If our country is going to be Democratic and fair, it should not matter what party one is registered as.  Anyway, back to the debates....

Maybe politicians should make only minimum wage, and campaigns should be capped at a few thousand.  Maybe all politicians should be required to volunteer so many hours a week at shelters, jails, rehabs, schools or live with an average American family for a little.  Maybe we should hold them to their promises before being elected if they don't accomplish them they cannot be reelected.  Just thoughts.

These candidates spend millions on campaigns, just think what a waste of good donations and money.  Money that could be spent on improving our educational and health systems, investing in our economy, helping non profits, fighting crime, oh the list of how all those millions could help our country is long.

So many people don't want to get involved, they feel defeated like nothing they do could make a difference but it's just that attitude that lets the politicians get away with stuff.  Everyone should vote, just like everyone should feel free to speak up for what they believe. No one has to agree this is America that's the beauty of living here we are free to say and think whatever we so choose.

Yeah I'll probably tune into the debates this evening.  And in the my head that Lennon song will be playing Imagine and I will be wondering why we just cannot all get along.

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