Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Musings

This Monday Fall weather is upon us, in fact it feels like winter here.  Temperatures not reaching above 50 means a day of shaking for me and the little one.  Is it possible that dogs can take after their parents, as my dog and I have a lot of similarities. :)

Saturday I got to watch my niece play soccer.  Nothing quite like watching four year olds play soccer.  They don't have a goalie, most the kids don't fully understand the game yet.  Two girls each from opposing teams were holding hands running together, one boy was crying, another girl was just doing her own thing out there.  And my niece well she may not quite understand how to protect the ball or prevent goals from being scored but she knows how to score goals! 

Soccer was followed by a delicious white,broccoli, garlic pizza and lots of play.  Ate so much garlic we smelled like an Italian restaurant, enough to warrant a shower.

The man was his couch potato self....glued to tv and working on his website.  Oblivious to the fact the moldy shower needs to be cleaned, his laundry is overflowing on floor, outdoor table set is sitting on middle of lawn (needs to be moved back to patio), the overflowing trash or other stuff that needs to be done.  He needed to be born a millionaire as he would rather pay people to do everything for him than do it himself, but he isn't of that wealth yet so he has to suck it up. Or like the old Nike slogan....just do it.

Sunday was cold and rainy. It involved snuggling, football and the slow cooker.  Yes my Falcons won!

You know whats funny since the whole dizziness thing I really haven't been able to wear my contacts.  So been sporting glasses but don't think they go with every outfit or look, so sometimes I feel crabby when I have to wear them.  Sounds silly but true. In fact, I used to own a few pair of glasses so I could change them up with different looks.  But the dizziness makes it hard to switch between glasses because they have varied fits, even the glass is cut different, and some how it gives a little different perspective or focal point which because of the dizziness my eyes cannot adapt to quickly enough anymore. 

On that note the man just told me I look very cute today....even with my glasses.  How funny he would come home make that comment after me just writing that.  Well he may like them but I don't always.  :)

Might have to tune in for a little Tebow this evening, Jets vs Houston.  He's my other favorite quarterback just wish he wasn't on the Jets.

Mondays yeah!

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