Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Musings

Everyone has a breaking point, things can build up to the point the smallest thing, or even biggest thing can set one off.  Well that was me this weekend.

Nothing went as imagined. And seeing as I already felt like a simmering pot of food ready to boil over lately, well that pot boiled over.  That's what happens when you let things build up especially negative emotions, feelings, ideas, people, problems, things, news, etc.  Now it didn't even pertain to just one area of life, it pretty much came down to every area of life. haha (I can laugh at the feeling now)

Of course being in that boil mode causes the mind to over analyze, wondering things like has anything gone as wanted for awhile now? Do I ever get what I truly want?  Is there anyone I can fully depend on or trust with anything, everything, during the hard times and with my inner most self?  Have any of my desires or dreams really come to fruition lately? Why is the man so obsessed with tv/ his website?  Are there any nice people left?  What happened to fun?  Why do all families have some form of dysfunction?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Do you really attract to you what you are? Why do companies say things are in stock then you get to store and they are out?  Oh so many more thoughts kept flowing. Oh how the mind has a way of spiraling, yes my thoughts were in overdrive.

And when thoughts are overflowing it creates what I like to refer to as a danger zone, when one usually says more than they should.  Leading to miscommunication, misinterpretations or even regret.  Where the stress from it can be detrimental to the body.  Yes all those happened. Or the tendency to make haste, rash decisions in those moments as well. Luckily I refrained from the rash decision or I might be in Florida right now, not that it would be so bad as the warm weather would feel great. :)

The boiling or spilling didn't produce many resolutions. Sometimes that's the problem there is no resolution, or at least quick resolution, hence why it build ups in first place. Maybe it involves learning to accept circumstances, people, situations as they are, if that cannot happen having the courage to try to change it or maybe simply knowing when to move on. Maybe some of it involves working even harder, if that is possible.  Sometimes the mysteries of life will be bigger than all of us and no resolution will be possible.

Sometimes it just involves patience and time, but sometimes when we really desire something it's hard to be patient or give it time.  Also maybe we must be open to change, as sometimes its the universes way of pushing us out of our comfort zone to show us how to live a fuller, productive, better, more loving life.  Sometimes our minds are so closed to what we think is normal, right, just, best for us or whatever else that we miss out on some really great things.  Boiling over moments can be used productively if we allow them.

So this Monday I'm wishing for a weekend do over, since that isn't possible I'm just going to hope for a better week! :)

Here is the perfect quote for this Monday....


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