Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Musings

Nothing like being woke up at four on a Monday by the man!  He keeps waking up earlier and earlier, and it's leaving me feeling exhausted.

Overall it was a low key weekend....Friday the man took off to watch golf all day (he basically only takes off when there is a sporting event on tv), Saturday a local neighborhood yard sale with a bunch of homes participating spent maybe 40 minutes there, ran out for a half hour to to pick up groceries, then while I worked around the house the man watched tv/worked on website, both of us watched football on Sunday and that was pretty much the extent of our weekend.  Yes I know try not to be too jealous of our exciting weekends. haha

What's funny is yesterday the man said he still didn't get enough rest.  He had over 12+ hours to rest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday how much more rest can a person get!?!? (it's kind of better we don't have kids as he would never be able to handle the time, work or lack of rest they bring)  Which begs the question how much is too much rest, work or play?  And how do people find a happy balance between all three?

I do believe my man's best friends the couch, tv. phone and website are wrecking havoc on his body. (not even sex can tempt him away from them) ha   His neck has been in severe pain, his back sore, body aches, he has headaches even migraines ,nausea, weak and overall hasn't felt that great. Think he simply needs more moments away from all the electronics.  Phones, computers, tvs, all the wifi waves, constant sitting, etc., eventually in some way form or other they take a toll on the body.  In fact, more and more studies are in fact revealing this. Anyway...

Have I mentioned the weather is growing cooler here.  I read others excitement over the cooler weather but cannot muster the same enthusiasm   While I love the feel of a nice sweater, or wearing boots again I don't like feeling like a froze snowman who can barely move without shaking.  Anything under 70 degrees pretty much leaves me shivering.  Even today it's in the 60's and I'm shivering, and yes just took a break to stand in the sun to try to warm up.  Fall has only begun and I miss summer already.  Only good thing about cool weather is I can cook a lot more hearty foods, that often times heat up the kitchen or are too heavy on those hot summer days.

Enough musing for today as I have to get painting.  Oh but wait there is something I like about Fall these delicious candies....

and these scrumptious apples....


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