Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dog Day

Usually the little one likes to sleep all day but today she had other plans....

It started off with a morning meeting with mommy.  Trying to explain to me it was a beautiful Fall day outside and we should be enjoying it. 

So we got in the car and went for a ride.  As the little one listened closely and smelled the fresh air of the open window her expression revealed all I needed to know.  She was happy and content.

How can anyone resist this look?  So we drove some more, luckily even the dizziness didn't hold us back, as it interferes a lot with driving.  

Then to my surprise when we got out of the car she stood just enjoying nature. Usually she rushes to get inside.  What a great reminder to smell the flowers.  So we did that too. 

And the dog who pretty much despises walks decided she was game for a small one.  So off we went.

Since the little one also decided to scooch her butt along the ground a bath was needed upon stepping foot inside.  Of course it was followed by a lunch of chicken biscuits, not to mention  a little begging for some of my mac and cheese.

With that she curled up and took a nap.  Thanks little one for inspiring me today.  

But don't let the pooped out little one fool you by early evening she was up and waiting the arrival of daddy.  Her eyes filled with anticipation, tail wagging when she hears a car wondering is he home?

And of course anxiously waiting to play ball.

Then from all that playing her usual low cry reminding us that dinner is approaching and we might want to begin making it.  Is dinner ready yet?

After eating her home cooked meal, the little one snuggles up to the family and calls it a good day.  Though still hoping for a cookie for dessert.

Yes our little one is spoiled, but if you can't spoil the ones you love who can you spoil!

There are other great dogs looking to be spoiled over on my Woof Wednesday posts.

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  1. So so sweet! These pictures made my day. And Sherman is constantly hoping for a cookie. Morning, noon and night. :)


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