Sunday, September 23, 2012

Soul Sunday

This morning I have been trying to come up with inspiration for this Sunday.  The negative stories in the news lately of suffering, sickness, cruelty, economical woes, war, crime,etc, leaves me and  many wondering how and why does such stuff happen. Sometimes it causes many to lose faith, or even question their spiritual beliefs.

Yesterday upon hearing on the news that a dog had been locked in a cage, set on fire and let to burn on the side of a road here in Philadelphia....felt like one of those days here. It is incomprehensible to think how that dog must have felt or further more how anyone could do such a thing. (and this isn't the first incidence)  Yet this is the kind of monstrous stuff that happens in our world. 

Fact is no one is immune or safe as long as you live in this world, we are all subjected to the same chaos, ups and downs, good and bad, positives and negatives of life.  Every soul faces all this at some point or another.  And this stuff will no doubt test our faith in life.  While I cannot say for sure why God or a Higher Power allows this stuff to occur as I am no expert in religion nor does anyone no for sure the answers to those big soul questions.  I do think there are things we can do to help us through such life moments.  Because essentially that is the key creating good out of the bad.

Even in the case of the dog it's hard to see any good, but maybe the good will come in the form of more people standing up for animals, put laws into affect that will protect them better  create much harsher punishments to anyone that does harm to them and maybe even somehow prevent this from happening again? That will not change the suffering but we can hope and pray that in that moment the dog did not feel pain that he was in a better place already.  And we can pray that any human or animal ever in such a situation in the future be spared the pain, suffering and be taken to a higher place of love quickly. 

Bad things, suffering, negative moments in life will never be easy on anyone, anywhere.  Our world may never understand or know for sure the whys behind it all. But on this Sunday here are some ideas for helping the soul deal with bad situations and creating good out of them.

1. Release frustrations. Don’t bottle them up as they eventually might just implode. Talk to a friend about it. A listening ear does wonders. Go exercise and release the tension. Journal it out.
2. Realize we are not alone. No matter what you may think, you’re not alone. Somewhere around the world, someone else is thinking the exact same thing as you. Someone out there is feeling the same thing, wondering why too. 
3. Being frustrated isn’t going to solve anything. The problem will still remain whether you go berserk at it or whether you think about it calmly. The former will create more problems as your agitation prevents you from making good decisions. 
4. Know you always have a choice. Realize no matter what happens, you always have a choice in how you react. While you may not be able to control what happens to you, you can most certainly control your behaviors. You can face the worst things in the world, but if you make the choice not to let yourself be affected by them, you won’t be.
5. Objectify it. An incident is an incident; we’re responsible for the feelings attached. Remove the feelings and look at the situation objectify. This will help us cope a lot better.
6. Focus on what you can do. Action creates empowerment. It brings possibilities. It creates results. By taking action, you are no longer a passive recipient. You are a conscious creator.
7. Ask for help. It’s okay to ask for help if it makes the situation easier. Remember, you are not alone.
8. See it as an obstacle to be overcome. Life is a journey of learning and growth, and everything happens for a reason. Obstacles are the things stopping you from getting your goals, and if you keep overcoming these obstacles, you’ll eventually get what you want.
9. Identify the lesson learned. There are always things to be learned from every situation. 
10. Good exists but we may have to look more closely to find it sometimes.  For every bad piece of news there is good but sadly it just doesn't make as interesting news or so the media thinks. 

11. Change. Be the change you want to see. Stand up for what you believe in, fight for the good, what is right and try to make a difference wherever, whenever and however. 

Adversity is the first path to truth.

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