Sunday, September 2, 2012

Soul Sunday

Every day there are forks in the road, choices to make.  Let's face it life is about choices.  No matter where our journeys take us we will always face choices.  Every fork in the road requires one to make a choice. It's those very decisions that shape our lives.

Life gives us two primary choices we can either accept conditions as they are or change them.

In making choices or even changes how do we ever know if we are doing the right thing?  We don't.  All we can do is choose love, choose what we love....what speaks to our hearts, essentially what makes us happy.  And that's possibly the biggest question of all....what makes one happy.  Really happy?

And what if those things that make us the happiest, don't make those around us happy? What then?

Is there such a thing as a middle ground when it comes to happiness.  Can we be happy with people who don't share what makes us happy?  In life it's not always easy to just make choices that don't somehow essentially affect others.

But when the forks in the road appear, don't we owe it to our souls to follow the one that we believe is going to make us the happiest. Or is happiness better when the happiness is shared, when those around us can benefit as well.

Fact is life is constantly asking us to make choices. And those choices will always have some kind of consequence whether good or bad, yes that is where not only the mystery lies but the difficulty in the very decision.  When we come upon those forks in the road we can only follow our hearts and hope for the best....

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