Tuesday, September 25, 2012


After a long day of going over finances both the man's and mine, I was starting to feel rather down and  a little stressed.  Mine require a tedious balance, where a small amount can send me way over my budget.  Ever since this vertigo I have had to learn to live on such a small amount of income that it's one of those situations where sometimes I wonder how long I can keep financially afloat.

But then as evening approached two things happened, my neighbor delivered a pretty ivory white, leather couch right to our house.  He got new furniture, hence did not need it anymore so he offered it to us.  Yes it's a little used but it fits so perfectly in my meditation/book room and it's free!  A couch that matches my ivory plaid chair so perfect and is free too?!

And then I look across the street, another neighbor adopted a sweet dog.  It appears to be a westie mix who happens to be deaf.  This dog is so precious it's beyond words. Though the fur mommy in me worries as the older man who adopted her is a little out of it, and they don't have a fence so I hope he will watch her closely since she cannot hear.  She looked so happy just to have found a home, those are the kind of moments that cannot be described properly in words.

Between the couch and the dog I was reminded of the goodness that exists in life.  Even during tough times it is there if we look closely enough.  Today among all my financial woes I found a moment of gratitude.  For the free couch, the kindness of neighbors and the special little dog finding a home.  All are simply priceless.

Though I didn't get a photo of the dog, here is the couch.

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