Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Musings

Fall weather is officially here, and even though I love the colors of the changing leaves, the spicy scents of the season, the chance to wear soft sweaters, jeans and boots again....I dread the colder temperatures.

My body has never handled cold weather well I spend most of Fall and Winter shaking, with hands and feet that feel like ice cubes. Those pretty sweaters get hidden under layers of fleece or other thick articles of clothing making me feel like a puffy snowman.  Suppose if I could afford to keep the heat at 75 the cool months would not be so bad. I don't even mind snow just dislike the cold.  And yes I should probably go back to living in a warm climate but I want to be near family.

So when Friday and Saturday warmed up to 80 here I was excited!  And when the man suggested we go to a local carnival I almost thought I was dreaming.  The carnival was just what we needed.  There were rides for every age, great food, fun games and overall lots to do.  Though with the dizziness I could not ride my favorite childhood rides, so the man rode a few for both of us. Honestly it was fun just to watch.  And together we rode one of those giant slides which made me feel like a kid all over again!

Saturday consisted of a lot of football, and the man doing an enormous amount of work for his sports website. Sunday was a lot of football as well.  Being that his side business involves sports he is always glued to the sports scores of every game. Keep reminding him that whether he watches or not it won't change the outcome of the just look later instead of being obsessed with constantly checking scores. haha  He needs more play and relax time.  Everyone needs time to just relax or they will burn themselves out.

Sunday was food shopping which as I always say is a huge endeavor when trying to shop for five weeks of food.  What we need is one of those new, big fridges that can hold twice the amount as we freeze and refrigerate so much. But in our kitchen we are stuck with the old school type as it's too small to fit anything else. It's a challenge, and something always seems to manage to fall out of the freezer when we open it. ha

Anyway, the warm weather disappeared as storms brought in cooler temperatures in time for the arrival of Fall.  Even the little one is already feeling it.  Though her idea of how to spend a Monday seems rather perfect!

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