Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Musings

Where to begin this Monday.

Overall the weekend was rather mellow, in other words the man was glued to the tv and I was doing stuff around the house.  Saturday little ones stomach issues reared themselves again.  The poor little girl had the runs with blood yet again.  And an accident in the house as well because mommy was in the other room working and missed her standing by the door, as we all know when you have stomach woes you gotta go there is no holding it. So the floors got mopped twice, she got bathed yet again and basically the house is sparkling clean.

As for little one she has colitis. She's on bland diet of boiled chicken and rice until it clears up mixed in with a powder antibiotic to help the inflammation.  She was making terrible faces after tasting it, upon googling it found that dogs dislike the taste. (you think they could make it flavored)  Hence have to be creative putting it in peanut butter but getting the powder in was no easy task and judging from the face made she still seems to taste it.  Looks like no more corn on the cob for the little one as it irritates her stomach too much.  It's a shame because she loves it.  And even eats it like a pro straight across.

Other than that though the weekend was almost too mellow.  The man is so laid back sometimes I just want to light a fire under his ass to get him motivated and moving! Or just enthused about doing a variety of fun stuff.  :)

By chance I stumbled upon a house listing today which I actually felt excited about.  Even though we have been given an extension on our rental it never hurts to check out something that might be great.  Well it was anything but great,rather run down and felt so discouraged when I got home.  It's amazing the competition that exists for houses both to buy or rent.

There were like ten people looking at this house in the short 10 mins I was there.  And it makes you realize how competitive housing can be.  The man just doesn't get how very important this is.  He thinks because we got an extension that he can sit back but that's not the case.  We need to get this debt of his cleared up asap.  And that's where it gets so frustrating and discouraging. It just feels like such an uphill battle.  Not only am I stuck with all the grunt work but also trying to get him to follow through with it all.

This is where I have to learn to let go of the stress better and not internalize it.  I'm the type that lays awake at night thinking about all the stuff that needs to get done or whatever other stress.  I've never been good at relaxing or just letting things slide. It must be nice to be one of those laid back personas especially the type that can sleep through anything.  I wonder what that even feels like.

There are just some moments in life where it's hard to have faith and trust everything will work out.  Though I suppose those are the very times we tend to learn a lot as well.  And I keep saying I'm going to master the art of meditation yet seem to give up after a day.  Honestly sitting still, turning off my thoughts and being quiet is hard for me. Need to seriously work on this as I keep reading so many great things about meditation. Oh well that's enough for now I'm treating myself to a double stuff golden oreo!

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