Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Musings

Oh Monday.  I feel so bad for our little one as her tummy is upset.

Due to her special diet for the allergies she gets feed a diet of cooked chicken/turkey and baked potato or rice.  With usually a small vegetable mixed in.  Corn has always agreed with her until now.  She had issues with colitis as a puppy, still gets it with certain foods.

It's difficult enough for a human let alone a dog, as it means extra diligence to make sure they don't poo all over the house. It can require going outside constantly and leave them with very unpleasant symptoms. Even the lawn needs to get hosed down.  Basically if it doesn't resolve in two days they said to bring her in.  She is supposed to go 12 hrs without food, but she is wimpering for food which makes it real hard to adhere to yet I know it's important. So me and her are sleeping on the couch tonight just in case she needs to make a quick run for the door.

Overall it was a busy weekend.  Friday was a play date with my niece, who along with my sister accompanied me to an eye doctors appointment we thought was going to be quick but they kept me waiting 2 hours! (no exaggeration, and I had already been given pupil dilation/numbing drops so it made leaving kind of hard as who wants to have to be given them again....shudder at the thought of those things)  After 2 hours the eye doctor only confirmed what I learned from googling my symptoms.  Those spots I saw are ocular migraines that he thinks are probably in some way related to the vertigo as well.  Just what I wanted to hear, not.  

At least it was followed by the most ridiculously fun day in a while.  We played, sang, danced, talked, laughed, ate delicious food and all around just had fun.   My niece teaches me so much about life it's amazing how sometimes we simply have to see the world through a four year old's eyes to sometimes better understand it or shall I say appreciate it. 

Saturday was food shopping, one thing comes to do those extreme couponers do it? (is that even a word)  And where do they find all those coupons, I'm lucky if I find a few coupons for products we like.   If anyone knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to coupons please fill me in.

All right that's enough the little one deserves 100 percent of my attention and love this evening. But one more thing which could be a great tip if it works.  I read when a dog's stomach is upset two tablespoon per 10lb of the dog's body weight will help to calm it.  We tried it tonight if it works I will let all you dog lovers know! 

Probably a little too much of that....left the little one feeling like this.

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