Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Musings

The days feel the same lately so the fact that it's Monday, well it doesn't feel like it.

Okay so I thought our weekends were going to be different this summer, you know less tv more fun. The man was suppose to be taking off from his website that lasted all of a month.  He zoned in front of the tv with all his gadgets as usual all weekend.  Oh but wait he decided to take me up on the mini golf idea, at 8:30 on Sunday night. Go figure....

I follow a few celebs on Twitter, who doesn't....but have you ever read Brooke Burke's tweets?  Seriously the woman seems to have it all. (adventure, fun, love, health, good husband/family, beach house, travels, etc)  Her and the hubby always seem to be doing something either fun or romantic.  Even her blog posts seem too good to be true.

And of course when I'm sitting home watching the man stare at the tv for 12 hrs and being harassed by dizzy spells.....well reading her tweets makes me believe that the grass may sometimes be greener on the other side.  You know it's time to change things up when you find yourself living vicariously through others social media posts, or feeling twinges of envy when you read them. hahahaha

Changing things up is tough under normal circumstances but with this lingering dizziness it's even tougher.  Just when I think I feel good again I get walloped with days of it.  I do think when I feel stressed it gets worse.  Frustrating, and when do you ever heard this but I actually miss working.  Of course I miss the nice paycheck the most, but also the interactions with others and even having a reason to get dressed up.  Plus when your at home it's much harder to stick to a schedule, and to a certain extent I think schedules help keep us motivated. 

Speaking of money someone in the Philadelphia area won a million on the Power Ball this weekend.  Of course it wasn't us because we forgot to play.  Yeah I know the odds are crazy high but there are a lot of things with crazy odds yet they happen.  So you never know right?  Power ball $305 million I need you come to momma!   

On that note I'm off to bath the dog and vacuum the carpet. Yes she really did just scoot all over the carpet, much like a duck and expressed her little butt glands all over.  But you know we love her so much that it's hard to be mad at a little one that sometimes doesn't know better.   I mean look at this sweetie!


  1. Aww, what a cute pup.

    RE: celebrities. This has been a topic that I have struggled with for years. It's human nature to be drawn to "the beautiful people" - their lifestyle, their beauty, their fame, their possessions - but it is so easy (and kind of scary) how we start to compare our lives to theirs and how quickly we can fall into that "I wish" mentality...and that is where it can be unhealthy! I try to keep things in perspective by remembering that these are real people with real lives and real problems...nobody has a perfect life, but you can APPEAR to have one if you only share the good. I'm not saying Brooke Burke's life is anything less, but I'm fairly certain she experiences heartache, insecurity, etc. just like the rest of us!

    BTW, thank you so much for your email...I haven't forgotten about you and I am working on a response...thank you so much for being patient!

    Hope you're feeling a little better! xoxo

  2. I think about winning the lottery all the time. I sit at my desk and dream about what I would do. lol


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