Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday Musings

Monday didn't exactly go the way I planned as lack of sleep morphed into a rather unproductive day.

It started in the wee hours of the morning...after a nightmare left me hopping out of bed running into the bathroom half a asleep and scared.  Once I got my wits and realized it was just a dream made my way back to bed.   Only to be woke few hours later by the creepy creaking noise our floor sometimes makes....it was so loud I jumped then hid under the covers. (yeah I know like hiding is really going to do any good if someone were actually standing there) haha  It's weird but the creaking starts at steps then makes its way up to bed sounding as if someone is walking across room. 

Saturday brought some messes.  Melted sweet potato that left a drippy, smelly mess everywhere.  An orange soda explosion in fridge, later a glass filled with it spilled on rug.  Topped off by  plant in water being knocked over sending murky water and cracked glass all over the floor.  While I cleaned it up the man napped.  Though we did manage to fit in game night, that's an accomplishment in itself.  Sunday involved errands and me putting together office shelves while the man yet again napped.  Do you
see a trend here?  :)

Oh yeah and I've had strange, very strong stomach pains after I eat which are driving me nuts.  I feel hungry yet scared to eat.  It started Saturday night after a delicious pasta primavera dish.  And of course I tried to relax by reading a book and don't you know the dizziness appeared.  Go figure. 

And the humidity here has been making everything feel like a steam bath.  Not to mention the storms have been crazy. Our little cottage house doesn't have central air, only certain rooms have a/c so it's hard to get the house a good temperature with just two window units.  Much prefer to keep the windows open all summer but with this heat it's a challenge.

But at least there have been pretty sunsets....

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