Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lifes Surprises

Okay, so I'm cooking dinner last night minding my own business when suddenly my vision gets blurry, I see zig zag lines in a purple yellow color, followed by everything looking distorted.  I run to the bathroom look in the mirror but could not make myself out. 

Panic sets in....what is happening, why can't I see.  I run into the main room screaming to the man I can't see.  Him being he ultra laid back dude he is, says just lay down.  I lay down, close my eyes but still see this zig zag flash of purple yellow.  Ten minutes later I'm going into full panic mode as everything is still distorted.   Out of fear I started shaking.  Call eye doctor who says I should just go to er.

So about 30 minutes after everything went blurry we hop in car.  But vision starts mysteriously clearing up, things are coming into focus again.   And I notice a strong headache in it's place especially around my eyes and base of head.  This headache is still around today.  So what happened?  It appears I may have experienced what they call an ocular migraine. Whatever the name it was scary!

Yet kind of makes sense because for over a year now I have been experiencing attacks of vertigo/dizziness which a few specialists believed could be an atypical migraine.  Of course, as I seem to attract anything atypical.  Things are never dull around here that is for sure.

And the man well he got angry at me for getting so upset.  He's sort of weird like that he doesn't show a lot of compassion or understanding during such moments.   He could not understand how scared I felt over my vision being blurry and distorted.  And  I remember after blood clot surgery a year ago, when I was in crazy pain, he was mad because it happened during the time he usually works on his website.  See what I mean not a whole lot of compassion.  He doesn't quite understand that sometimes we don't always have control of everything.  But that's life sometimes people deal with things in their own way even if it makes no sense to the rest of us. 

Anyway that was my exciting night.  Life is surely full of surprises. 

At least I have little one to snuggle with. 

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