Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Germs, Cleaning and Sickness

Yes I realize germs are everywhere, that they are rather unpredictable as far as who picks what up and when.  But that doesn't keep me from being a germ phobic.  I cringe when I hear on the news there are outbreaks of anything. But even worse I panic when someone in my own household, or someone that comes in contact with someone in my own household comes down with something. It automatically sends me into a state where I think I have it or panic that I'm surely going to get it.  I can even relate at times to the extreme germ phobics like Howie Mandel. 

Having to touch public objects like escalator handles, doorknobs, cart handles, credit card machine pens, public restrooms or even just touching raw meat is gross.  Of course I touch the stuff but always scrub good after.  Raw meat has me scrubbing a few extra times.  Yup I'm an overall clean freak of sorts.

I think what created this sheer panic and phobia of sorts is past experiences.  Whenever I have come down with something in the past, my body always seems to turn it into something bigger leaving me with scars of some sort.  For example after bouts with stomach bug as a youngster I ended up with severe ibs and stomach issues that lasted for years, and still affect me to this day. That's merely one example there are many others but I'll spare the not so pleasant details.  Plus let's face it no one likes being sick.

So yesterday when the man came home early with a headache and feeling nausea that panic feeling began to rise, and when he informed me this morning he threw up last night I went into somewhat of a panic mode.  Plus I have dealt all week with my little one having an upset stomach it has been germ overload.

On another note there is a little part of both of us that is wondering is it just a stomach virus, or could it be west nile.  We are over run by mosquitoes here, literally cannot step foot out of the house without them swarming. Sitting on the patio means either spraying from head to toe in bug spray or being covered in mosquitoes   Philadelphia and all surroundings counties have sprayed but it's not working.  It's been confirmed in the area, and at least a few people have come down with west nile already. And the man has a lot of the symptoms. Or did he possibly pick up something from her? So he is going to the doctor.

In the meantime I have been be wiping everything in the bathroom down with bleach, as the man would never think to clean up.  He doesn't worry about germs nor even spreading them.  A toilet could be completely covered in gunk for a good year and it would never cross his mind to clean it, boy I wish I could be like that!  But instead I'm a cleaning fiend who likes things to not only sparkle but be free of germ/gunk. Though I very much dislike the strong smell of any cleaning agent so it's not an easy task nor remotely fun. (pretty sure those chemicals cannot be good for the body either)

And that's the thing with being a germ phobic it doesn't keep one from getting stuff, well I should not say that as the extra precautions may help in avoiding to pick certain germs up.  But reality is germs are everywhere, worry or not there is still the potential to pick anything up.  So does it pay to be scared or even panic over germs probably not but it is what it is I suppose.  

It's the yin and yang of life.  There are people who live in spotless homes and others not so much.  Maybe all my cleaning and germ avoiding tendencies make a difference, maybe they don't.  But I am who I am, yes there are times I might wish to be more laid back, choosing the couch over cleaning like the man.  And if I could afford a cleaning service to do it for me I probably would.  

There will always be a slight envy towards those people who are not scared of being sick, can live surrounded in filth, eat without washing their hands and never worry about cleaning, germs, or that other stuff.  I could do without the fear and panic associated with being sick.  But to some extent I will always be a germ phobic of sorts and I'm okay with that as there could be worse bad habits I suppose.

So back to cleaning folks. 




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