Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Americas Got Talent

So I'm sitting here watching America's Got Talent and there is so much amazing, unique talent that I just had to write about it.

Most people get used to singers winning this competition every year, but the overwhelming feeling when you hear people talking about the show especially on social media is that they want to see a non singing act win it for a change.

Well this season the non singing talent is fabulous.  And it really is refreshing to watch all these original, unique acts. It's inspiring as it shows how everyone has some kind of talent.  To see and hear the dreams of all these contestants who work so hard at what they do is what the American Dream is all about.

The three comic acts Jacob Williams, Tom Cottor and Todd Oliver are better than many of the already established comedians, the Olate dog act is simply spectacular, the two artist acts Joe Castillo and David Garibaldi are original bringing a whole new meaning to art, the earth harp of William Close is beautiful and the dance teams of Rebecca/Donvan, Academy of Villains,Turf, All That are just as strong.  And there are other acts as well.  So many great acts yet only a few will advance.

This season has been filled with an abundance of talent that it doesn't seem fair only three acts get to move on each week leading up the the semi finals.  How do you vote when so many of the amazing, original, talented acts deserve to win!



  1. I agree that the talent this year on AGT is the best in a long time, and the singers definitely don’t have an advantage, although it was nice to see them so far. I was so disappointed though when the man with two names didn’t get voted through by Howie. I was talking to my Dish coworker about it and he was disgusted too. I was so anxious to watch the results that I turned on my PrimeTime Anytime recording this morning while getting ready for work and watched it without commercials because I can skip them with Auto Hop now. That saved me enough time to watch the show while getting ready for work and still get there on time; an invaluable way to keep my job!

  2. Yes I was disappointed as well when Howie did not vote through Todd Oliver and Irving. It is such a funny, great act. It is amazing all the talent that exists yet doesn't always get an opportunity. Hopefully some of these acts will get offered their own shows even if they don't win as they deserve it.


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