Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small World

When people say it's a small world, sometimes I can seriously relate. 

This evening while taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood I found out that a guy I briefly dated over 15 years ago lives on the street behind this house only about three houses down.  Talk about weird.  Though I didn't say anything as one I was caught off guard so I just walked quickly by hiding under my baseball cap and two my body was in need of food at that point so I wanted to get home to get the bloog sugar up.

Plus, I was trying to check out this other house that looks like it was abandoned by has no sale sign yet up. (yes still very much stressed about finding a house as it just seems a reasonable rental market is non existent here)

It's funny because I just said to the man not too long ago that years ago I knew one guy in this area we now live.  And it just so happens that I now find out he lives only houses away?  Life is strange and full of synchronicity sometimes.  Just think it was especially weird after just going through all that old stuff over the weekend as well. 

Do you ever notice that?  I mean sometimes you think of someone or something, and then somehow they or it appears?   Just strange when that happens.  And sometimes I wonder if it's coincidence or something deeper that the universe has got going on. 

Oh well that's my little story for today.  Just makes me wonder about the vastness of the universe, yet the smallness of it as well. 

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  1. The world truly is small. Sometimes I think when we talk about people from our past, we conjure them up and they reappear!


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