Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Musings

Mondays sure seem to arrive quicker than any other day of the week. 

So our weekend probably would have turned into a tv marathon but I saved it Saturday by suggesting a play date with the niece at my family's house!   Surprisingly the man agreed, though he brought work which I was hoping would get left home.  Unlike him I immersed myself in play....dancing, singing, blowing bubbles, playing nerf mini golf, you name it we played it.  And it was great fun!

Sunday was me cleaning house, paying bills, cooking,etc, oh and checking out a possible house. But the house turned out to be a no go.  It was too small and oh yeah next to a strip club, that pretty much nixed it.  In the middle of a quiet, nice, suburban neighborhood a strip club was put....seriously? (wonder how that ever got approved)

I'm just praying a good home comes our way soon!

Now to the man I worry lately.  Summer's half way through and he has shown absolutely no enthusiasm for grilling, golf or wanting to do much.  We mentioned taking a mini beach vacation but nothing so far.  If he isn't zoned out to tv/computer he's sleeping. (Not to mention those broken promises) Just think that between the heavy workload at work and working on his website at home it's too much.  Too much work, too little fun and that can really break a persons spirit! 

I even suggested he get a physical and complete blood/hormonal work up.   He blames everything on coming off the back medicine, but honestly he is tired whether on or off it.(overall seems drained mentally/physically)  I suggested maybe he has low t (those commercials bombard tv) but he doesn't seem to agree.  Seriously in both men and women hormones can really wreck havoc on the body. Meanwhile his back/neck issues are flaring up but he won't try alternatives, his stubbornness and unwillingness to listen or waiver from his way/views gets frustrating.  It's as if he puts up a wall to life.

There is only so much I can do,  as that saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink from it.

On another note I've mentioned I like to watch Oprah's new network it's packed full of inspiration. So I was catching up on her new shows and saw an amazing interview with Devon Franklin if you catch it in reruns be sure to watch it.  His soul oozes inspiration, and who cannot use a little of that!   Though the Olympics are rather inspiring as well but haven't been able to watch much yet. 

All right those are my thoughts this Monday.  Note to self....happiness and fun should always be the goal, play as often as possible!

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