Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Musings

Started off Monday half asleep as the man woke me up at a little before 4am, of course then I could not get back to sleep.  Lately his bedtime seems to get earlier and earlier, this is a guy who used to keep me awake at 1am up watching tv. 

Yes he has been a rather trouble maker as of late. ha Although we went to the Phillies baseball game on Saturday which was a lot of fun, I was still feeling rather perturbed over the bmw thing.  And the fact that he won't apologize for breaking his promises makes it worse.  His "I don't care get over it" attitude is wearing thin.  Funny the man and his mother butt heads sometimes, yet the very things he complains he doesn't like that she does, he does or is. Life is always full of interesting lessons.

And it's funny how when you are overwhelmed with stress the little things bother you more easily.  I mean the littlest thing like the kitchen trash overflowing and/or clean laundry piling up but never being put away left me wanting to nudge the man off the couch yesterday. Sometimes weekends get a little too lazy around here. hahahaha 

But today was a surprise escape from the stress I have been feeling as I spent the day with my niece.  Play time, laughter and a bunch of other fun stuff.   It was much needed.  And yes she always seems to remind me how important play is in our lives.  No matter ones age or circumstances play should always be a high priority.

I just know I've been feeling restless lately, I do think more fun, play and maybe trying new things might help and would finding a permanent home to put my energy into. And less tv and more doing definitely work. ;)  Oh who knows I think I'm babbling at this point, tired from all the play.  So maybe I should just leave it at that for now. 

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