Friday, July 13, 2012

Joys Of House Hunting or Not

Oh I want to say we found the perfect house, but truth of the matter is the house hunting isn't exactly going smoothly.  We are literally running out of time, I fret day and night about it.  Either we will be homeless or stuck in some tiny, ghetto place. (not that I have anything against ghetto but that's what it will feel like after living in such a great house/neighborhood as we do now)

Of all the places I have lived, and there have been a lot....I'm totally in love with this house and neighborhood.  In fact, I'm worried I may just break down when we have to leave.  No actually I know I will!

Oh I know think positive, I am trying hard but then I see the date on something and panic sets in. I have scoured Craigslist only to find many obstacles "no pets allowed", "2000/month rent", and then there are the scam ads for fake houses or locator services that promise listings for a fee .  It's a crazy thing.  I have been told the market is slim right now there just isn't much available especially in the price range we need.

I have contacted realtors but only one has called me back. (even waited a few weeks and called a few back but still not a return call)   Now I bet if I had a million dollar house for sale they would be calling me back pronto.   Seriously Prudential and Remax around our area seem to have no interest in the little folks.  Weichert was the only realtor to actually call me back, kudos to them!

Then the other stuff that is preventing us from actually buying the house of our dreams starts playing in my in mind.  Why didn't I save more when I was younger, why does this dizziness have to interfere with me working at the moment, why does the man have to have such enormous debt, why was he so reckless with his spending/paying bills when he was younger, why doesn't he care more, why do we live in such an expensive in demand housing area.  Nothing productive can come from that kind of questioning. Those whys only lead into a downhill spiral of thoughts that I know isn't good to focus on.  But lately I feel stuck on them. 

Of course then I come across blogs where early, twenty something couples just bought their dream homes and envy sets in.  Complete utter envy!  Yes I admit it I envy and am jealous of anyone who owns a home by the age of 24.  Seriously do they know how lucky they are?  And at such a young age to even own a home? 

It always amazes me as when my friends and I were in our early twenties we were not even thinking on those terms yet....we were too busy traveling the world, socializing, going out to the latest clubs/bars, basically leading rather sex in the city type lives and not thinking about saving money.  Hence the idea of even a house seemed foreign, but it eventually all catches up and one finds themselves wanting more than that temporary lifestyle of a renter....wanting a real place to call home to establish roots.  Guess it just takes some longer than others.

Anyway, I just simply needed to release these pent up thoughts.  Now if only I could find a cow costume as Chick Fil is giving free meals out to anyone today that comes dressed as a cow.  You know since it is Cow Appreciation day and all.  And a free meal sounds awfully good about now.

 P.S. Please wherever you are charming house find us as we are waiting!

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