Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dream House

So  we have under three months to find a house, considering it took 2 years and a lot of work to find our current one....given our limited budget and pet needs I'm scared we won't find something within that time. (housing prices in the area we live are not cheap...average.rental houses go for $1850 and up, very small older houses start at $240,000).  Realistically I know it's going to be somewhat difficult, hence why I'm starting to stress.

Some people desire luxury cars, designer clothes, expensive jewelry but honestly the only material thing I dream about is owning my own home.

Not having to rent would be wonderful.  As renting feels so temporary....it doesn't feel like home as someone else owns it and controls what one can or cannot do with it.   Not to mention all the moving over the years gets tiring.  It's fun to live in new places but the whole moving process is not.

Having our own little house to do whatever we want with would be a dream come true.  Nothing elaborate or huge, something small with charm.  And a little land.  Oh I would love a home on the beach but I know that is also not reality, until of course I win the hundred million lottery.  :)

I have created and collected my dream home of sorts on pinterest.  These are my favorites.  Wish I may, wish I might have the dream home I dream of tonight.

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