Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thoughts on Health

So I have been asked by more than a few lately how the dizziness is, and if I'm still getting spells.  Yes I am. 

I've talked in previous posts about my rather debilitating dizzy spells and other symptoms that have plagued me for awhile now.  It's been quite a journey of sorts something I haven't mentioned too much.

Through the whole ordeal I've seen so many different doctors and specialists, for a lack of a better word it's been crazy.  The various personalities of all the doctors....some so genuinely caring and nice, others cold, aloof and to the point you just want to yell pull the stick out of your ass.   And then there's the receptionist staff.....again some so kind and others full of such attitude it makes me want to run out the door.

The differences in beliefs is interesting as well.  Some focused only on western medicine, yet others are open to eastern medicine.  Some believe in a combination of both.  There are those who refuse to acknowledge anything but prescription medicine, and others more prone to recommending alternative medicines or methods.  

And the wait times are truly insane.  The average time being anywhere from 3-6 months (even heard a year) by the time the appointments arrive the symptoms either temporary have calmed down or are so flared up that the wait seems like a nightmare. Can you imagine having to wait months when you feel bad, that is exactly what happens to many these days.  Then when the appointment actually arrives one is lucky if they get 10 minutes of the doctors/specialists undivided attention.

Now then there is the cost of it all.  Luckily I do have insurance, expensive insurance I might add that could make one go broke.  And every specialist visit and test adds up to a very expensive bill!  If only insurance companies would start covering alternative methods of healing such as massage, acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathic remedies, nutritionists, reiki and all the others.

Lastly the most frustrating part is one specialist visit always leads them to send me to another specialist.  Each one seemingly more puzzled than the next.  Even more scary, one doctor seems to miss something the other notices.  This worries me the most as....are they so busy trying to get patients in and out, to make money, that they don't take the time to do the through evaluations that should be done?  How else do you miss things another sees.

Truly that is the craziest part of it all.   Well that and the fact that some of the top specialists have absolutely no answers whatsoever.  It's one big mysterious, a mysterious that has left me with the dizzy spells and other uncomfortable, sometimes scary symptoms. 

Yes I admit it scares me. Feeling anything but normal pretty much does that to me.  And I worry about how I am ever going to make a substantial living if it doesn't eventually subside.  As I spent eight plus hours a day on the computer, and now I'm lucky if I can be on it for a hour or two.  There is this huge unsettled feeling that overwhelms me at times.  Then again isn't the not knowing aspect of anything the hardest. 

It has taught me some things such as there are many conditions, diseases, ailments, etc., that are a big mysterious to the medical community.  Sometimes it's one big guessing game with little results.  Even the best of the best still don't have all the answers, suppose the only one whoever will is the big guy in the sky.

I don't have any answers , some days I run out of ideas and just don't know what to do.  Cures or solutions seem more like the odds of winning the lottery at this point.  Which has also taught me that we each have to take responsibility as well....don't sit back waiting.  Do lots of research, change diet/eliminate certain foods, keep records, try supplements, etc.  Maybe just maybe something along the way will help, and maybe not but at least one can say they tried. 

Anyway, that's my latest on the health stuff.  There are good, bad and lots of in between days.  Most importantly I'm simply trying to learn to live and adjust to life with these dizzy spells and other symptoms.  Trying not to focus on it.  Doing stuff in spite of them which I feel is important and can even help the brain compensate in some circumstances.  Changed up the food menu to include healthier food. Basically doing a bunch of little things here and there.

That's the story and of course it's always an adventure of some sort over here!  Thanks to those who inquire about it from time to time, and for the support as well.   And I think this says it best....


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower from the GFC blog hop! I am so sorry to hear about your dizziness and the ring around of specialists...how frustrating for you! Now, I know you have probably seen everyone in the world and have had every test, but I just want to throw this idea out to you incase you haven't tried it. Have you ever seen a physical therapist, specifically one that does manual therapy and treats vertigo (I understand you may not have vertigo, but they understand what happens in the head to cause the dizziness). Just a thought...I hope you get the help you need!
    From Cassandras Corner

    1. Thank you so much for thinking of the physical therapy. Unfortunately I have tried the vestibular physical therapy with no success, after months of it the vertigo kept getting worse and the physical therapists admitted to being puzzled as well. It's been a crazy experience! But I'm glad you mentioned it as I am open to trying anything and open to all suggestions. Thanks!!!!!

  2. I'm so sorry that no one has figured out why you have dizzy spells yet! I still have my daily headaches, so I totally understand that nagging feeling that something is wrong :(


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