Sunday, June 24, 2012

Soul Sunday

Sometimes the bravest thing we ever have to do is accept a different answer to a wish, a dream, a hope, or a prayer than the one we were asking for, and trust that it is still going to work out okay in the end.

No one is immune from disappointments, and confusing turns of events, and things turning out way different than we planned on. Our characters are built, our patience is grown, and our hearts are strengthened when these things happen, in ways that they could not have otherwise.

A lot of suffering can be passed by when we just trust
 that things are working out, even when we can't see how it is possible. So many times we have to travel through the 'rough parts of town' to get to the most beautiful parts. And there is no other way but through those parts. If you are in one of the rough parts right now, just keep moving. Soon you will see the places that you were headed to when you set off on this journey. If you stop now, you will be stuck exactly where you are.

So keep moving friend. Keep your chin up, keep your thoughts in happy places, keep believing, keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep wishing, keep praying. And most importantly, keep the faith. This is all headed somewhere good!

Written by Brave Girls Club.

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