Thursday, June 21, 2012

Saving Baby Bird

In the bush next to our house, which happens to also be next to a window, a Robin created a nest.  We can literally open our window, peer right into the nest filled with the cutest baby birds not to mention chirping sounds.

We literally camp out trying to get a peek, especially of them being feed.  Yesterday morning I happened to be doing exactly that when I decided to try and get a photograph.  Well I stuck my arm out the window and accidentally brushed the bush.  This small movement scared one of the baby birds who then jumped from the nest!

What?! Huh?!  Oh my gosh I'm freaking out as I'm thinking why did I reach so far.  Stupid, stupid.  So I run outside and there is the baby bird running fast down our driveway.  Baby bird is trying to fly but he cannot yet.  He parks himself in the middle of the street.  But when I approach he only runs away.  Nooooo.....

Call the man at work, "what should I do". The man " you have no choice but to lead baby bird back onto our property or scoop up into box".  Well I cannot leave the baby bird to get box so option one is the only choice.

I basically kept cornering and chasing baby bird along the street until he was back walking in direction of our property.  Not sure how long it took but I got him back on lawn.  Of course he hops back on lawn right into the only big tree trunk around and doesn't know how to get around it.  With my guidance once again we maneuvered around the tree and made way back onto lawn.

Meanwhile baby bird sits down in grass.  While I google away on my phone trying to figure out if it's okay to touch the baby bird. Yes it is but experts say to use gloves.  From there I sprint in house get my big red cleaning gloves and go back outside with intent to place him back in nest.  First attempt he squirmed but I finally got him securely in palms and hurriedly made way to nest.

When I try to put baby bird back in nest he slips onto branch.  Sits perched there looking scared.  I think to myself I have to get him back in nest.  So once again I scoop baby bird up and this time successfully put him in nest!

Then I wonder but will mother bird come back to feed after I have touched the baby bird, and gone near nest.  I actually called a bird sanctuary where I was assured I did the right thing.  And they were right as the mother jumped right back in the nest to feed them. Whew.

Of course in my panic over baby bird didn't think about what I was wearing. Yep been running around in street with just my pjs which consist of tiny boxers and a very light weight tank. Oh my neighbors must have thought I was nuts as the baby bird was so tiny they probably thought I was chasing nothing. Well that and they got quite a view. 

I'm just glad baby bird is safely back in the nest.  And just in case anyone else might like to see them here is a birds eye view. 


  1. Cute story! :) I found you via the GFC blog hop and would love for you to follow me back at! :)

  2. This made me laugh! I'm so glad baby bird is back at home, safe and sound :)


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